St Joseph Affordable Homes: in-house apprenticeship scheme

Established in 2020, St Joseph Affordable Homes is an innovative Catholic building and construction social enterprise, its purpose is to improve life and employment outcomes for young Tasmanians. An initiative of the Archdiocese of Hobart, St Joseph Affordable Homes is delivering a training and employment program, including an in-house apprenticeship scheme for young people.  The extensive social and affordable housing building programs of CatholicCare Tasmania and Centacare Evolve Housing are the building and construction projects for St Joseph Affordable Homes. In under three years of operation we have employed over 30 young people, across a range of trades.

St Joseph Affordable Homes benefits young people


Young people looking for opportunities in building and construction are given life-skills and work readiness training, coaching, work experience, and employment opportunities - specifically employment as trade apprentices with St Joseph Affordable Homes. We employ and support trade apprentices who, as well as skills training, will receive one-on-one coaching and access to a range of wellbeing supports. All St Joseph Affordable Homes apprentices participate in Centacare Evolve Housing's Build Up Tassie Program.  St Joseph Affordable Homes engages young people from all backgrounds, beliefs and circumstances.

As of April 2023, St Joseph Affordable Homes had provided employment outcomes for 31 young males and females across 8 trades. We aim to have a regular intake of trade apprentices and trainees through our Build Up Tassie program. If you would like more information get in touch or follow this link.

St Joseph Affordable Homes launched our Supporting Women to Succeed in Construction Strategy in 2022 and proactively works to recruit and retain women in the building industry. Over 26% of staff at SJAH are female.

Volunteer Apprentice Mentors 

The Volunteer Mentor Program is an initiative to give young people within the St Joseph Affordable Homes Apprenticeship program an increased avenue of personalised support to enhance and develop the opportunities provided through Build Up Tassie and St Joseph Affordable Homes.  Every apprentice is allocated a personal mentor once their apprenticeship starts, who they have regular contact with. The mentor supports the young person throughout their engagement with St Joseph Affordable Homes. We understand that there will be times when volunteers have to move on or a role does not suit them and mentors can opt-out at any time, with notice. Contact between mentors and apprentices varies and is through a range of face-face and phone contacts.    

If you are interested in the apprentice program or in becoming a volunteer mentor, please contact

Guiding Principles

StJoseph Affordable Homes stands in the long tradition of Catholic service to people in need. The principles that guide St Joseph Affordable Homes are inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, guided by Catholic Social Teaching, and informed by the Archbishop' s Charter for CatholicCareTasmania.  Key guiding principles include:

1. Respect for human dignity

StJoseph Affordable Homes acknowledges and deeply respects the dignity of each individual human person, no matter what their circumstance.   The work of St Joseph Affordable Homes considers ways in which we can support and affirm people from all backgrounds, beliefs and circumstances.

2. The dignity and rights of workers

St Joseph Affordable Homes acknowledges that human work is regarded as an important component to human fulfilment. I t has a value in and of itself. In particular St Joseph Affordable Homes will look to provide opportunities for people who have faced barriers to work and employment, especially young people.  

3. Preference for those in need

St Joseph Affordable Homes will seek to provide support and service to those in the community most in need, who are experiencing poverty and vulnerability and who have barriers to human flourishing.  

4. Social Impact approach

St Joseph Affordable Homes will utilise the Social Impact Approach developed by AOH, CCT and CEH as a means to work holistically to support individual, family and community wellbeing. The social impact approach focuses on developing the full human person across 7 wellbeing domains: housing, education, safety, economics, spirituality, health and community engagement.

Patron Saint - St. Joseph

Our social enterprise is named after St Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ.

St Joseph was a carpenter, and we’re trying to develop carpenters. Jesus himself would have learned the trade of being a carpenter under his foster father, Joseph. Joseph and his young pregnant wife Mary went to Bethlehem to report for the census. When they arrived, all the accommodation was taken up and they had nowhere to stay. St Joseph is very appropriate to have his name associated with this work, but also to place it under his patronage.”
Archbishop Julian Porteous

Meet the Team

Ben Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Cody Burdon

Chief Finance Officer

Belinda Clarke

Build Up Tassie Executive General Manager

Brant Webster

General Manager

Andrew Martin

Construction Manager

Adrian Broomhall

Manager of Strategic Projects

David Sakko

Business Performance Manager

Rebecca Woolley

Build Up Tassie Manager

Adam Wills

Inhouse Trades and Apprentice Manager

Mel Ransley

Build Up Tassie Head Coach

Lewis Goss

Build Up Tassie Crew Coach

Bella Quinn

Build Up Tassie Apprentice Coach

Julian Barclay

Build Up Tassie Wellbeing Coach

Zac Mastrocola

Build Up Tassie Civil Coach

Brittany Boulton

Build Up Tassie Administrator

Georgina Moody

Executive Assistant

Ellie Boxhall

Marketing and Communications Officer

Clare Bellette

Estimating/Admin/Construction Support

Jacob Quinn

Junior Estimator

Bruce Welch

Safety Officer

Sam O'Brien

Site Supervisor

Adam Beschle

Site Supervisor

Billy Gardener

Site Supervisor

Kurt Wells

Site Supervisor

David Cockerill

Site Supervisor

Luke Midson

Project Manager & Site Supervisor (North)

Chris Stephens

Site Supervisor

Archie Cashion

Senior Carpenter

David Bentley

Senior Carpenter

Allan Hughes

Senior Bricklayer

Brett Barron

Senior Carpenter

Paul Roland

Finishing Foreman

Brendan Norris

Senior Carpenter

Matt Wilton

Senior Painter

Tom Graves

Senior Plumber

Josh Griggs

Senior Carpenter

Jade Thomas


Blake Small

Senior Carpenter

Mark Lovell


Kim Morris


Brett Byers

Site Finishing Coordinator

Robert Woolley

Site Maintenance Labourer

Michael Banks

Bricklaying Labourer

Todd Arnott


Robin Cloudsdale

Senior Landscaper

James Crawford

Senior Carpenter

Darren Carey

Senior Electrician

Connor Clemke

Apprentice Plumber

Kwot Ochalla

Apprentice Painter

Lukas Bird

Apprentice Carpenter

Sean Robb

Apprentice Plumber

Hugh Patman

Apprentice Flooring Technology

Izaiah Meni

Apprentice Bricklayer

Zeke Sharman

Apprentice Carpenter

Charlie Norman

Apprentice Painter

Dylan Triffitt

Apprentice Carpenter

Iris Rimmer

Apprentice Electrician

Kayden Wenger

Trainee Truss & Wall Framing

Will Banks

Apprentice Tiler

Wyatt Townsend

Apprentice Bricklayer

Lorah Stewart

Plumbing Apprentice

Shyanna Hodge-Pedder

Carpentry Apprentice

Tully Westbury

Carpentry Apprentice

Chelsea Lovell

Apprentice Electrician

Ben Rubock

Truss & Wall Framing Labourer

Campbell Hazelwood

Apprentice Carpenter

Ronan Walker

Carpentry Apprentice

Shanyqua Nichols

Plumbing Apprentice

Kurt Beschle

Carpentry Apprentice

Ebony Bennett-Scrimshaw

Bricklaying Apprentice

Liam Vanderwal

Painting Apprentice

Max Hodge

Apprentice Plumber

Yik Cheung Ngan (Leo)

Carpentry Apprentice

Tiff Moore

Apprentice Painter

Kobi Scolyer

School-Based Carpentry Trainee

Caden Howlett

Bricklaying Labourer

Darius Kendray

Apprentice Electrician

Jackson French

Apprentice Carpenter

Mark Curtain

Apprentice Plumber

Raymond Fitzpatrick

Apprentice Plasterer

Thomas Zogopoulos

Carpentry Trade Assistant

Amaya Smith

Carpentry Apprentice

Codie Pullen

Plumbing Apprentice

Emma Korotki

Joinery Apprentice

Meet the Board

The St Joseph Affordable Homes Board of Governance ensures that the activities of St Joseph Affordable Homes achieve the Mission and Objects outlined in our Charter. The Board ensures that activities comply with Catholic social justice teaching and with all relevant laws and regulations made by federal, state and local governments. We are incredibly grateful for the skills and expertise of our volunteer board members. Our board consists of the following members:

Michael Burnett
Traycee Di Virgilio
David Harradine
Fr Michael Tate
Chris Ryan