Iris Rimmer always wanted to be an electrician, and her graduation in December 2021 to an apprenticeship has turned her dream into reality.

“It is literally awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything else,” she said.

“I would just like to thank Build Up Tassie and St Joseph Affordable Homes… and everyone involved… for the amazing opportunity. It is something that I have always wanted to do. It’s a great job.”

St Joseph Affordable Homes executive manager business development Belinda Clarke said the Build Up Tassie program provided extensive coaching and support, followed by work experience in up to six trade environments.

Successful participants are then invited to apply for apprenticeships and other employment opportunities with building and construction social enterprise St Joseph Affordable Homes and industry partners.

“We are building many new homes and we know that the industry needs workers with the right skills and attitudes, who are ready for a career in construction,” she said.

“Iris is becoming an electrician and she’ll work as a mechanical plumber with one of our partners – Parr’s Heat Pump and Refrigeration Centre.”

The general manager of Parr’s Heat Pump and Refrigeration Centre Andre Morrisby, said from a business perspective, it was invaluable to forge a partnership with Build Up Tassie and St Joseph Affordable Homes.

“It means so much to have someone that’s already halfway there,” he explained.

“They want to work, they want to commit. They want to continue their education. It’s really hard to find that without these programs. It makes it very efficient.”

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