The work of St Joseph Affordable Homes adds significant value to Tasmania through building quality, sustainable and well-designed affordable homes which significantly help to alleviate the housing crisis.

Implementing innovation and new construction methodology to meet market demands and growth has been a key success factor for St Joseph Affordable Homes. We pride ourselves on our diverse build portfolio and our commitment to quality.

While social and affordable housing is our primary focus, we have also completed bespoke renovations, including Dover Church and St Mary’s Cathedral, and specialised projects such as the Build Up Tassie Charity House and specialised accommodation for Hobart Womens Shelter.

Charity House

Thanks to the support of over 55 sponsors, St Joseph Affordable Homes was able to deliver the Build Up Tassie Charity House, a beautiful four-bedroom home in Herdsmans Cove.

This has been achieved through donated and in-kind support alone and all money from the sale went towards funding 50 young and vulnerable Tasmanians through Build Up Tassie.

Thanks to the support of our many sponsors and the Tasmanian community, 50 young people will not only receive pathways to sustainable employment, but also access to wellbeing support, life coaching, and mentoring. This will change the lives of these individuals’ and their loved ones.

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Taylor Crescent, Bridgewater

Constructed between March 2021 and December 2023, Taylor Crescent is one of St Joseph Affordable Homes’ largest projects to date.

It has consisted of four stages with a total of 49 dwellings on this site. All single level dwellings are LHA Silver standard and the site has been built with community wellbeing at the forefront.

This project has significantly contributed in helping house Tasmanians in need.

St Mary’s Cathedral

St Joseph Affordable Homes’ renovation of St Mary's Cathedral brought new life to the dated and worn features, creating a revitalised space.

Highlights of the renovation included the refurbishment of existing heritage timber and stonework, repair of plaster and paint, restoration of the Cathedral’s former interior footprint, increasing its overall seating capacity and allowing for better use of the impressive space.

The striking terrazzo flooring in the aisle and sanctuary was renewed and now highlights a series of decorative features which help define this generation’s contribution to the historic building.

The Cathedral’s original colour pallet has been restored, including beautiful, hand-painted 23ct gold stencilling. In addition to the revitalisation of the Cathedral’s interior features, heritage sensitive facilities and technology upgrades were undertaken including a bespoke lighting solution, modern climate control measures, and sound and AV solutions to enhance the visitor's experience while bringing the building up to acceptable energy efficient standards.

Many of the St Joseph Affordable Homes trades, including a large number of our apprentices, worked on this project – a once in a lifetime experience.

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